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Your Resume

So you have identified your core values, evaluated your career goals and the needs of your family.   If you have decided on investigating other opportunities, the next step is to update your resume.

A well written, specifically targeted resume that clearly displays your skills and experience is a valuable tool in attracting the hiring official's attention.   One of the benefits that AQS provides is a free resume service.   We review and format resumes on a daily basis.   With our experience and knowledge regarding the key skills and experience the company is looking for, the AQS style ensures that information the hiring official is looking for is readily available and displayed to your advantage.  

WE are going to be working as a team to highlight your skills, education, and experience.   Resumes come in all shapes, sizes, and formats - there is no one 'right' way to compile the information.   Remember, however, the purpose of a resume is to get the interview, not the job.   Hiring managers and human resource administrators review hundreds of resumes every week.   WE will be working to make your resume stand out, but not look "weird".   It will read easily in a bulletted format and be concise - highlighting who you are and how you are on target for the specific position, but not tell your whole life story.   The goal is to give enough detail to get the hiring manager excited and asking for more information.   That gets the conversation started!