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Anyone can cut and paste a resume from a website to an email. . .
                    I think a recent commercial says 'Even a caveman could do it!'

AQS Recruiters is an executive search firm providing a specific service focused on your specific needs.   Most engineers and technical people like to be aware of the market, to compare their current position with available options.   With a fifty hour work week, family activities, and other commitments - how to you know what might be out there that would interest you?   The answer is AQS

In the current market, a wide variety of positions are available.   Numerous companies with multiple locations are seeking talented, experienced candidates to assist them operate more effectively.   And a large number of well qualified, energetic individuals are seeking out these opportunities to advance toward their goals.
So how does one compare the options available, and when an opportunity is chosen, how do you stand out?   The answer is AQS

We want to know about each person we work with. . . to REALLY know the goals you have for your career, the options that might be missing in your current position, the needs of your family whether that is career opportunites for your spouse, educational requirements for children, location because of aging parents, or recreational preferences.   There are times that we talk with an individual and in an investigation of 'why', it turns out a move is not in their best interest at the time.   It is very, very important to establish a long term relationship in which we can contribute to your success, not just today but for many years to come.

AQS will support you by providing:

AQS' client companies are aware of the effort we expend to assist candidates in up front reasearch, to take the time to ensure that the person and the position are a good match.   Because of AQS' presentation, candidates are given greater consideration.

AQS is an EEO recruiter.   Applicants are interviewed and qualified candidates referred without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, physical/mental handicap, or veteran status.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family.